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Decades of experience.
An unshakable commitment to care.

At The Blossoms, we believe the key to great care is creating a personal relationship between caregiver and resident. Our mission is to provide individualized, patient-centered care, centered around complete physical and emotional wellbeing. Each facility within our network maintains a disciplined, compassionate approach to care, enabling each and every resident to live and recover fully, with dignity and respect.

Placing your loved one in a healthcare facility is never an easy decision. But at The Blossoms, we help make that decision a bit easier. By delivering a care experience founded on total commitment to top-quality care, we help ensure your loved one can live life to their fullest capabilities.


Zalmen ScheinbaumLNHA


Rhonda DavisMSN-RN, LNHA

Regional Director of Operations

Tammy RomeroLNHA

Regional Director of Operations

Tara ThomasRN

Chief Nursing Officer

Tina SmithBSN, RN

Regional Nurse Consultant

Christy WilsonRN

Regional Nurse Consultant

Rick Still

Business Development Director

JoAnna Craig-McCarty LPN

Regional Clinical Liaison

Marya Ollie

Regional Account Manager

Michael McElroyMNSc, LNHA, RAC-CT

Regional MDS Consultant

Brenda BizzellBSN RN, RAC-CT, RMC, CDP

Regional MDS Consultant

Kimi MatthewsLPN

Regional Clinical Liaison

Kristin Doughty

Regional Director of HR

Tim Carpenter

Regional Maintenance Director

Sara Levi

Payroll Director

Ben Clyman

VP of Support Operations

Israel Ganz

Director of Operations